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At Privato, we’re passionate about the art of food, but we also believe that delicious, high-end cuisine doesn’t have to come with pretense.

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With a diverse range of backgrounds, our chefs create well-presented dishes that taste as good as they look…and we have fun doing it! Our personality is professional yet approachable, which means we can easily adapt our approach to match the vibe of your event. That might mean interacting with your guests in the kitchen as we prepare each dish, or staying in the background as you engage at the dinner table.

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Growing up in an Italian family in the South, Chef Michael learned at an early age that delicious, healthy food is an essential ingredient to a good life. As a child, he watched his mom and “nonnie” prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch. Over time, he was able to pick up many tips and tricks from helping them in the kitchen, so the culinary industry was a natural fit when it came time to think about his career.

Working in the restaurant industry from the age of 16, Chef Michael attended culinary school at the University of Tennessee Culinary Institute and spent his early chef career in both fine dining and casual American restaurants.

After moving from Tennessee to Arizona, Chef Michael launched his private chef business in 2014 and has been serving dinner parties around the Valley ever since. As Privato’s Founder, Chef Michael has served thousands of happy clients around the Valley. He was also named the #1 private chef in Phoenix by Thumbtack, based on client reviews.

When he’s not working, Chef Michael enjoys traveling the country with his wife Nicole and their two rescued dogs.



Born and raised in Arizona, Chef Steven aspired to be a professional chef after falling in love with his culinary arts class in high school. He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale and joined Privato’s team in 2016.

As an Arizona native, Chef Steven has a passion for combining the flavors of the Southwest with those from around the globe. He has an open pallet for all flavors, and his goal is to create beautiful dishes that take his clients around the world as they enjoy them.

When Chef Steven isn’t busy in the kitchen, he is enjoying life with his wife Renee and their two sons, Jaxon and Reign. You can find the Biddle family enjoying life off-road in their Jeep Rubicon, camping or simply watching their boys grow and discover the things they will learn to love. Who knows, maybe one day these Biddle boys will also love to cook!



Chef Ian may be the newest member of the Privato team, but he’s no stranger to the kitchen. An Arizona native, Chef Ian started his culinary career in classic American steakhouses before training under Chef Michael to become Privato’s newest private chef in 2021.

When Chef Ian isn’t creating masterpieces in the kitchen, he also enjoys dabbling in other creative arts.

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We’re always on the hunt for skilled chefs with great personalities and an eye for presentation.



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